Drops de conteúdo: Suits vs Sneakers (Em inglês)

[…]Intrapreneurs with their suits and entrepreneurs with their sneakers – while both work to create innovative solutions to real problems, is the difference simply that one works inside an existing company and the other is going it alone?

Like so many things in life, there’s really no simple answer to that. Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs share many characteristics – passion, curiosity, and a can-do attitude, to start – but the environment and situations they are working in can differ dramatically.

Intrapreneurs usually have more resources available to them and a larger support network. Entrepreneurs have more freedom to pursue their goals as they see fit – but along with that, they also have more to lose than their intrapreneurial cousins.

While you do see entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs trading it up and trying on each other’s outfits, and some experts recommend hiring both for your corporate, others suggest investing in your very own “army of intrapreneurs” to sustainably grow your business. […]

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