INFINITEPAR is the fruit of the DNA of a family of entrepreneurs. A large group of successful business booster companies!
We are the result of a school group that undertakes and operates in the area of business and investment development, with more than 43 years of market, composed of a life insurance company, a private pension fund, a loan company, a specialized software factory and a holding company. We have expertise in business investments and startups in the areas of health, Smart Cities, FinTech, sustainable and renewable energy, urban mobility, agribusiness, entertainment and public services.

We act as business partners and consultants for multinational companies that wish to know how and grow in the Brazilian market, developing the most appropriate strategy to realize partnerships with a focus on commercial objectives.

Founded in 2004, as INFINITECARD Adm. E Serviços Ltda., Acting initially as a company specialized in loyalty programs and relationship marketing.
INFINITECARD developed the brand and domain Clube de Vantagens and developed one of the largest discount networks in Brazil with approximately 1,780 merchants, managing several loyalty programs for customers of the following companies:

UNIMED SA Rio de Janeiro (480,000 customers)
SABEMI Seguradora SA (180,000 customers)
University of São Sebastião (150,000 students RJ)
Concessionaire VW Disnave SA (20,000 RJ clients)
Banco Morada SA (27,000 RJ clients)

Among other companies of various sizes in Brazil.

In 2011, the partners decide on the corporate reorganization, as well as the review of the strategies of the company.
The company is now called INFINITE Consultoria e Participações Ltda., Adopting the market name INFINITEPAR, focusing on investments and participation in Startups, International Business Consultancy and Entrepreneurial Intelligence.

In 2012, INFINITEPAR signs a contract with Banco Bradesco and Sabemi Group to develop an innovative relationship program, the Esportes no Exército (Sports in the Army) project, among the 50 main regiments in the country, as a way to provide equipment, medals and uniforms to military athletes. In order to stimulate and recognize sports practice among the military, this work led the company’s team to travel to all over the country’s military commands and establish a previously unseen sports schedule.

In 2013, INFINITEPAR starts prospecting projects and entrepreneurs, approaching the accelerator program in Rio de Janeiro, where it becomes a partner in the startup. This movement started the company’s participation in several projects of entrepreneurship and acceleration, such as SEED-MG, NAVE Estácio, Startup Circuit, TIC Americas, Sebrae Entrepreneur Fair, Campus Party Brazil and Campus Party Mexico.

Also in 2013, INFINITEPAR is contracted by TUG – The Udemba Group of Nigeria to develop and develop a business partnership and a MOU “Memorandum of Understanding” with Rede Globo de Televisão, to take the know-how of PROJAC For the TMC – Trend Media City project to be developed in the city of Lagos in Nigeria by the Nigerian entrepreneur Uzo Udemba.

In September 2014 the contract with The Udemba Group is renewed and a representative of INFINITEPAR is invited to attend a meeting of the board of stakeholders of Trend Media City in the cities of Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria.

Also in 2013, startup one of INFINITEPAR’s investees is selected to participate in the largest event of startups in the world, TechCrunch in the city of San Francisco, together with 25 more startups from Brazil that received the support of SEBRAE to participate and display their services at the international fair.

INFINITEPAR also participated in 6-hour pre-training at TechCrunch, held at the SalesForce SFO office, as well as technical visits in Palo Alto at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Airbnb and Stanford University.

In 2014, to enable the internationalization of its consulting activities as well as participation in companies outside Brazil, is created INFINITEPAR Holding Company LLC incorporated in the state of Delaware in the United States, which established international partnerships with new players, Entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

In 2013 and 2014 the company collaborates with the entrepreneurship program supported by the Organization of American States,, conducting the national dissemination of the program and acting as a mentor and jury on the online platform and in person in the city of Paraguay. Also this year, collaborating with the MassChallenge platform in publicizing its most prominent acceleration program in the Americas, doing relevant work on more than 2,000 social networks of entrepreneurs and students in Brazil.

In April 2014, INFINITEPAR is invited by the Director of Global Entrepreneurship of Futura Networks, Mr. Tommaso Prennushi, to coordinate the Business and Entrepreneurial Marathons of CPMx 2014 and the mentorships of Startup & Makers Camp. Together with Tommaso Prennushi and Eric Cardeña, INFINITEPAR coordinates the Pre-acceleration program that today is called 9WeekLabs, where the top 20 projects of business marathons received entrepreneurial content, one on one mentoring and presented their projects at Campus Night, Mexico City , obtaining investments and acceleration opportunities.

Also in 2014 INFINITEPAR signs LOI Letter of Intent with Futura Networks of Spain to promote and make feasible the launch of Campus Party in France.

In 2015 participated in the Summit of the Americas in Panama City as a judge and mentor of TICAméricas program and participates in the Civil Society Forum with the presidents of the Republic of Panama and the United States of America.

In 2016, INFINITEPAR began project development with iCities SA solutions for smart cities in order to expand and promote the iCities Labs project, Innovation Hub for smart cities, taking the position of Deal Leader in the program expansion board in Brazil and Latin America.